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I was always very shy about sex when I was younger, due to my convent school upbringing, amongst other things.  It’s true. That always makes people roar with laughter, especially those people I’ve been on a date long enough with to confess this.  I was bubbly and had friends, but I was very, very confused about the subject of sex and boys.  In fact, I was more than confused I was downright discombobulated enough to be a danger, if I’d ever plucked up the courage to go on a date; which, fortunately, I hadn’t.

It wasn’t just the religious confusion, although that was a huge part of it.  I was under the deep and lasting impression that having babies and getting married involved a good deal of praying and, if you were lucky enough, an angel to announce it.  I kind of knew the angel wasn’t involved by the time…

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