Paradox Farm – work to be done, goats to be milked

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Wedge in the Round

“Paradox Farms began with a dinner-table conversation.

“Our story is we have goats because we had too much wine with dinner one night,” said Sue Stovall, only half-joking.

It was 2008, and the couple were discussing the benefits of locally grown food and produce. At the time, the Stovalls, who have three grown children, had just moved from Southern Pines to a former horse farm in rural Moore County.

The dinner table discussion led to talk of how the couple could eat healthier and become a part of the local sustainable agriculture movement.

“We said, ‘Man, we could get goats and have some cheese.’ … And here we are,” Sue Stovall said.

The Stovalls purchased their first two goats, Thelma and Louise, in 2008.

More followed, and the Stovalls soon learned more than they ever thought they would about breeding the animals.”

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