myers + chang

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Myers + Chang, Boston, MA


curried turnip croquettes
fresh rolls
crispy pork belly bao
lemony shrimp dumplings
dan dan noodles with spicy peanut sauce
red miso glazed carrots


My mom and I tried this restaurant out after getting a hair cut. Since it has really good reviews we had high expectations… but were quite disappointed. The interior itself looked kind of cheap with the table tops and chairs. The bowls were plastic too. For a place that gives an image of a slightly nicer asian fusion restaurant from it’s website, this is quite a difference.

Saturday and Sunday is a dimsum menu for lunch so my mom and I ordered a few different dishes to try.

The dan dan noodles itself were really gooey which I didn’t like at all. The sauce wasn’t too bad though, pretty spicey.

The curried turnip croquettes were ok. They put out…

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