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Thanks for the great review of this documentary! It’s now on my list!

sublime days

This evening, for an hour and a half, I bumper-to-bumpered my way through rush hour to the nearest indy cinema to see the 6:35 p.m. viewing of “Searching for Sugar Man”, a documentary by Malik Bendjelloul. A good friend from NYC,  who has her finger on the pulse of many things art/literary, told me about the film a couple of months ago. She referred to it as “inspiring” and “electrifying” and it is. It’s also humbling and spiritual and re-affirming.

“Searching for Sugar Man” is the true story of an American singer/songwriter, Sixto Rodriguez, who in the early ’70s put out a few albums that didn’t catch on here in the States, despite top-shelf backing. But in South Africa, unknown to him or the American music industry, his lyrics and sound became the impetus in the youth culture that motivated them to dare to buck the system, at the height…

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