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I admire your vision and guts, Super-Kam 007 !

Keep writing!


“Hey Abhi!!, Bring me a glass of Lemon water” Said Ravi sitting leisurely in a sofa under the hot sun. ‘Why don’t you get is yourself?” Abhijeet Asked….” Because I don’t want to move” Ravi replied back………………….. “Now shut up you two and give me some peace of mind” Interrupted Harish………”Here we are the 007’s and we’ve not even got a sniff of something happening and I am too disgusted sitting here and drinking lemon juice and loitering around” he said. “Yes, I think we’ll not end up in anything this way” Commented Ravi.

The Fearsome Trio Were enjoying summer vacations at Abhijeet’s Aunty’s house, spending most of the time in sitting in the backyard and relaxing, having lemon juice. ” Lets us go to the town, I am bored of sitting inside the house……….I want some fresh air” Harish Said.”I think you should go out” Abhi’s Aunt interrupted. ”…

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