The Blogosphere Manifesto

Posted on December 12, 2012 by


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We constantly comb through blogs looking for hidden gems of true artistic expression

We seek to shine a little light on some of the better hidden corners of the blogosphere. It’s hard for a blogger to get his or her voice heard at times.

We look for raw talent as well as established presences to give our readers a window into the worlds of other artists and writers.

There is one thing that all purveyors of the written word understand utterly and completely… that a word, a sentence, a paragraph,  a chapter, a book, a blog, an editorial, all serve the author to one purpose: To make the intangible, an idea or a thought, into a tangible thing, that exists in paper or digital form.

The reader who reads a blog or buys a book or magazine absorbs mere words and intangibly changes.

I believe that these shared thoughts are how we evolve as individuals. If I’m wrong,  books are wood pulp and dried ink, blogs on computers are meaningless pixels, and we are not having this conversation.

History shows us time and again only people that fear the words of books are those that fear the idea they carry.

The value of the idea, to the reader,  is the core of EVERY tale to be told. Words are precise tools that are used  to convey them from one thinking mind to another.

For Writers, Authors, and other Artists… true ones, that are respected and admired, finding words and images which represent a thought and placing it before the readers eyes is where the rubber hits the road. Freedom of thought requires freedom of choices.

The cobblestones of the internet roads, the individual thoughts floating out there…. Those errant Ah HA moments of the digital age…. …. all categorized and digitized awaiting rebirth in the intangible consciousnesses of another readers minds’ eye.

So what are you waiting for?

Go read and write something!