My MIT math genius moment, or as Barbie put it “Math is hard”.

Posted on December 12, 2012 by


Yankee Skeptic

This is a story about why it’s always important to pay attention.

There is now research that shows that for some people, solving math problems can cause actual physical pain.  I don’t know how much money was paid for this research but I can assure you that they could have saved a lot of money and just asked me.  I remember doing math homework in Middle School and crying.  I felt actual pain and would end up with a painful headache by the end of a too long session trying to solve problems.

Part of my problem is I have mild dyslexia.  Words I finally figured out.  If you read something wrong, and it doesn’t make sense, you can give it a second look.  My spelling will always be horrible, but I learned to finally learned to read.  Numbers however are tricky.  If you add 25+7 you get  32…

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