flour + cafe bakery

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Flour + Cafe Bakery, Boston, MA


mozzarella, tomato, pesto pocket
banana bread
chocolat chip macaroon


After an unsuccessful dimsum at myers+chang, my mom and I walked a bit in the south end to go to flour + cafe bakery which is by the same owner as myers+chang. I’ve stopped by here before at the MIT location and this bakery is pretty good.

Since my mom felt bad that I didn’t let my dad come to lunch with us, we bought him lunch for the next day.

Tomato, mozarella, pesto pocket. I’ve had this before but I don’t remember well. It’s not too bad.

The banana bread was very flavorful but not heavy. It tasted similar to the one we make it home so they must use a lot of bananas but keep light on the flour. It doesn’t seem moist and soft but it is!

The macaron…

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