Germano Silveira – Contributing Editor, Boston Harbor Picayune

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When I first met Germano, he was working at a Pizza joint to pay his way through film school. He also always found time to babysit his younger Siblings so that they were never home alone after school before their parents returned from work.

While attending college, he noted things as a student that he felt needed changing, and decided to run for public office. In an upset election, he won a seat on THE 48th BLUE HILLS REGIONAL DISTRICT SCHOOL COMMITTEE.

He remains one of the youngest elected officials in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. While working as a legislative intern and Political Strategist as he earned his degree and started a business.

ManoManiacal Media

June 2011 – Present (1 year 7 months) Greater Boston Area

All of the freelance videography and photography He’s done has been through his company, ManoManiacal Media. They are a small but efficient film crew of 5 men.

mano filming

His skills as a videographer and photographer while holding office, presented him with unprecedented access to the political landscape of Boston.


mano brown

Anyone that know Germano knows that he  is dedicated to the causes and ideas that he believes in, that he has the drive and instinct to overcome any obstacle by fixing it instead of walking around it.

He is also Director of Account Strategy at BJC Branding  his duties there are

  • Create & Execute social media strategy for various accounts
  • Point of contact for client
  • Photography
  • Video Production

As an artist he also makes time for friends, to be engaged in life and the Artist scene as a videographer.

mano friends

Holding down two jobs, Hold an office as an elected offical,volunteering time for charity, writing for two blogs, and starting his own political blog POBLO, debuting with content next year, are phenomenal accomplishments.

That he has done all that by the age of 21 has earned him the nickname Manomaniac.

mano maniac


remember that babysitting stuff mentioned earlier?

He still makes time to do that as well.

We are honored that he has accepted the position of contributing Editor of The Boston Harbor Picayune !