Baking – present and past

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I like to bake, and presently there are thousands of recipes on the web under a variety of sources including Pinterest. I love finding a recipe, hitting ‘pin’, and knowing where to find it when I decide to try it.

But, I’m also one who likes recipes that have memories attached.

After my grandfather passed away and I was sorting through things, I ran across some of my grandmother’s recipes in the back of a drawer. I packed them up and took them home with me – treasures to be sure.

To organize them and to preserve them, I put them in a small book.

Today we pin, print, scrapbook, catalog, index – we’re very orderly and use lovely paper.

Yesterday, they used the paper they had and they used it again and again.

This morning with the Christmas tree lights shining bright and carols playing, I decided to check…

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