The hidden gem

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Always loved Duxbury!

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Hello fellow travelers,

Today I would like to talk about a place that I think is the hidden gem of Massachusetts and that is Duxbury, MA.  Duxbury is a small town right on the coast of Massachusetts and has some gorgeous beaches.

During the summer Duxbury is one of my favorite places.  What makes this place a hidden gem is that it is just like Cape Cod but without the thousands of tourists there.  I try to make a trip here at least once a summer.

My favorite thing to do while in Duxbury is go to the beach.  It does not matter what time you go to the beach because the view is always breath taking… unless during a really bad storm.

beach  A little warning though the water is a lot colder then it is on the Cape, but on a hot day it is really refreshing.  I…

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