Fenway Park: Boston, Massachusetts

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(Her) Fenway….finally a stadium that didn’t seem cookie cutter.  Part of the experience was getting to Fenway.  In my humble opinion, the subway system in Boston is awesome and usually deposits you a few blocks from anyway you’d want to be.  The stadium is located right in the heart of the city, so this doesn’t hurt either.  You can almost get there without trying; just let yourself be carried away by the throngs of people wearing Red Sox gear.  The streets outside Fenway are packed full of vendors, but I still didn’t find out if food was allowed to be carried in or not.  I checked online with mixed results and when I asked the vendors I got different answers as well.  The general consensus is that you can carry in food but not beverages.  I tend to gravitate toward the idea that you can carry anything in as  I…

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