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Museum of Science Dinosaur

Ah Boston, old stone and modern brick by the riverside, city of stationary traffic, tourists in pink trucks, and menacing dinosaurs. Wait, what? Yes, it’s the Museum of Science‘s T. Rex, hanging out on the sidewalk outside the museum, menacing the passing traffic, including a pink duck boat headed for a river tour.

This rather quirky photo comes from last April, but the weather of late has conspired to keep me indoors, so I’ve had to dig back into my files to find something of interest. Aside from the subject, and I’m a sucker for dinosaurs, I like it for the layered look of brick over cars over water, and the way the arch of the Green Line light-rail viaduct frames the scene. The T. Rex is standing out here to publicize their dinosaur exhibit (which is quite good). I read somewhere that this is the original…

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