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Today’s best Blog find!!! It takes guts to put yourself out there! This blog deserves some love and attention!

365 Days 1 Year

photo 1

One Hundred Eighty-Nine, full view

photo 2

One Hundred Eighty-Nine, close up rotated

photo 3

One Hundred Ninety, full view

photo 4

One Hundred Ninety, close up

It’s amazing to see myself make two postings in a weeks time…. I will same I’m somewhat impressed with myself. These came about the other night after walking the dogs at night. It’s kind of fun to look at shapes at night since things appear so unclear and your mind fills in the gaps. Now I’ll admit most of my inspiration comes from trees and rocks but it’s also the atmosphere at night, a little unsettling but very natural. Anyway, enjoy and see you next time!

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