Bloggers Breakfast: Artists, Writers, Photographers and Performers

Posted on December 16, 2012 by


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I hope Sunday morning finds you well and warm with a hot cup of tea or coffee and breakfast!

If you are an artist who also has a wordpress blog, please post a reply here stating that you would like to be listed on our artist registry with a link to the page you would like for us to hotlink directly to.

The Editors of the Picayune will review your site. If you are deemed to be a real artist, not spam, and present an authentic view or work, you will be given a tab on the artists drop down menu that will link directly to your page.

That way YOU control the content of your work and how it’s presented, and we only act as a bridge between you and your work to other artists and THEIR work. Networking and community “encouragement & input” are vital for artists of all ages to remain relevant and aware of how our work is perceived.

This is for personal blogs, not professional/commercial blogs. It is meant as a way of connecting to other artists, not monetary patronage. Any messages sent to you on YOUR page regarding your work and how it can be obtained or purchased however is beyond our scope of interest. We just ask that you NOT be a commercial blog.

This is a service we provide free of charge.

When we reblog your posts, we also categorize and tag your article so that google is more likely to pic k it up on a word search. Once again, providing you as an artist more exposure outside of the blogosphere and in the general search engines of the internet.


Andrew “the Oracle” George, Sen. Editor Boston Harbor Picayune