Home Sweet Home

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This is a true story…

It is a cool New England night when Michael Smith drags Alice Williams across the damp, fine sand into the shadows. He checks the place out to be sure they’re alone, than ties her up.

A flash from above catches Mike’s eye. He glances up just in time to capture a shooting star. He tucks the wish away for later.

Canoe1 - CopyMike is originally from Maine but his wandering ways lure him to Massachusetts. He camps out there for close to a year before he gets help from his sister to relocate to the Boston Seaport District.

The 49yr old is well aware that the Coast Guard is keepin’ an eye out, so there is no room for mistakes. They don’t bother the loner and he makes certain not to break any laws.

The police unit of Boston Harbor offered to help the tan, slim…

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