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Not all those who wander are lost

Newburyport, MA is the most picturesque town in my area. It holds all the old-world, harbor charm of Rockport and Manchester, but is more accessible and less cramped. Fantastic seafood, cobble-stone streets, antique shops, used bookstores, and a yearly Yankee Homecoming Festival makes this city my favorite destination whenever I’m home from school. Plum Island Coffee Roasters is one of the first places I go with my friends or my dad when we need time to catch up, talk about life, or just want to watch the drawbridge go up and down over the inlet.

The commuter rail runs straight from Boston, and is only 15 minutes from Plum Island, a beach combined with a conservation reservation. I grew up going to Mass  with my family at Immaculate Conception, a beautiful church overlooking the double-wide main street that leads straight to the harbor. On those lazy Sundays, my family would…

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