Here and there, and other musings

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The Staff of this blog paper are a group of artists, photographers, videographers, and musicians who work professionally in their various areas of expertise.

As the writer and author of the crowd, I handle most of the blogging and reblogging here for anything that the staff brings to my attention. During the course of our days, we come across things that aren’t really applicable for any jobs, shows, exhibits or projects that we are currently working on, but like so much that we think ought to be passed on to other artists and craftsmen in our area.

You may find anything from those AH ha moments from us, to a great place to eat, or a cheap movie, show or concert in your area.

Our Facebook page is a great place to find coupons and coupon codes for your iPhones, online coupon discounts, and links to what the Facebook pages are saying in our region.

As a writer I am so grateful  to have this format available for communicating with all of you, Input from my peers encourages me to grow as an artist.

If you have any info on events, please post it here in a reply, and we will send out the info on the blog here and on Facebook. Our Facebook presence is just beginning, so any support by anyone on Facebook would be appreciated. This page will always be the primary location that we share our random artist findings on. The Facebook page just helps us find more like minded artists to share them with.

Thanks everyone for being so supportive of our endeavor!