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I’m tired, dirty and unshaven.  I probably look like a Saharan porcupine laying dead on his back in the shape of a sea star.  These past four days were like a film.  I’ve experienced the feeling of inexperience; it became a trance of new experiences, a second nature. I could feel it growing inside me.  I’m experiencing life in its rawest form; it’s ranking through my ears, rippling into eternity.  A friend and I took a road up the waist of Africa on a journey to a place made from pieces of heaven and rough reality, a place where people are happy and palm trees bow to one another.  Gold, rubies and pearls are roaming the long snow white beaches on people whose hearts bleed on the flesh of unborn knowledge.  In wisdom however, they are as rich as they do not know they are.

Right now, dearest reader, I can’t…

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