January 1 – National Bloody Mary Day

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Happy 2008!

Celebrate the 1st ever:

National Bloody Mary Day

Five Food Finds about the Bloody Mary

  • The drink’s namesake is Mary of England, whose 16th-century persecution of Protestants earned her the nickname.
  • Some drink aficionados believe the inspiration for the name was Hollywood star Mary Pickford.
  • The Bloody Mary is sometimes mistakenly believed to alleviate hangovers when it is served in the morning.  While it will temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms, it will also further dehydrate the drinker, causing the symptoms to worsen later.
  • The Bloody Mary is the US’s most popular alcoholic drink for brunch.
  • This drink has been called “The world’s most complex cocktail.”

On This Day in Food History…

45 BC New Year’s Day was celebrated for the first time on January 1 when the Julian calendar took effect.

1449 Lorenzo de Medici (The Magnificent) of Florence was born. Many in this Italian noble family…

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