*Improv Will Not Reduce Belly Fat – Part 2

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After re-starting improv training in Cambridge despite having already been through a fair chunk of training at Second City a few years ago, this second consideration of the “Rules of Improv” made me realize how said rules can be applied as a guide to life, especially in a new city (which is, ostensibly, what this blog is about). You can read Part 1 here. Below is Part 2.

Rule Number 2: “AND.” An audience member declares you, a very white and only mildly but aspiring to be quite funky white chick to be George Clinton, leader of the P-Funk All-Stars? Hell yes. AND, you add, you’re the owner/operator of a struggling dog grooming business, hampered by the fact that no one wants their dogs to be funkified in this economy. By not just going along with the original idea (the “yes”) but adding to it (the “and”), you’re…

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