Local Showcase: High Diner

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Boston, MA

Indie Pop

Purple Creek (demo) by High Diner

Check out local Indie Pop band of Berklee lads, High Diner.

… High Diner.  A Boston-based band that unites retro vibes with modern sounds… With years experience in classical and jazz piano, frontman John Murphy – originally from the San Francisco Bay Area – formed the group shortly after beginning studies at the Berklee College of Music.  Our unique brand of feel-good pop has a distinctive sound that we think can be appreciated by a wide audience.

I dig these guys’ sound. It’s a proper way to harness Beatles/retro inspiration into the modern world of music. So they’re dead on when they say this demo “unites retro vibes with modern sounds.” With a “Feel-Good” pop-sense, it’s refreshing to also hear a focus on musicianship and musicality in High Diner‘s songs;

for example in C.F.K. or In the Morning.

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