Four Point Restraints: Best of Boston’s Local Music Scene

Posted on January 6, 2013 by


Rose Rundown

They’re a little bit rockabilly. They’re a little theatric. They’re a little cynical…The mix of country, cabaret, and macabre is the perfect soundtrack for the rape and murder of a loved one caught on tape, and/or a house party with latex and Cool Whip. Listen to this on Mom’s pills. I did. Oh look, Purple. Can’t wait to see this band play live to see if my conjured imagery is a build up or a let down.” Joel Simches – The Noise: Rock Around Boston

There are countless bands in the Boston area, but there’s just something about Four Point Restraints that resonates with you within seconds of hearing their music.

It’s hauntingly beautiful and yet psychotically energetic and unpredictable at times. Leader singer, Evan Gadowski, captures your attention instantly with his seductive and enticing voice, bassist, Cat Verlicco, manages to get you swaying in no time while captivatingly playing bass and providing…

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