The China Pearl, Boston, MA

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China Pearl is absolutely my favorite restaurant in Chinatown. Love the place. Bring all my guests from other cities there.

The search for the world's best dumplings

The China Pearl is an Dim Sum restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown that gets a lot of good reviews on Yelp. Overall I thought this place was just “eh”.  The various fried dishes we tried were greasy and heavy, and for several of them the cook seemed to have a heavy hand with the MSG. On the plus side there were a lot carts circulating, and steady stream of food being offered to us. There is also a hot table that you can walk up to get plates of head-on salted shrimp and shell-fish. When I was there the clientele was probably 50-50 split between Chinese families and Caucasian tourists.

Lobster Dumplings

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