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We all know that rain can sometimes put a damper on photography, especially on unprotected photography equipment.  But it can also create some great photo opportunities as well.  One of my favorite times to take pics is just after it rains.  And one thing I love to look for after a spell of rain are those slick puddles.  It’s funny but, before the rain, puddles are virtually invisible.  It’s like they are freed from their invisible prison when the rain comes down.  And of course, their display can be short-lived when the sun starts to snuff them out.  When I look for puddle shots, I tend to look for puddles that have some type of character to them, whether it’s their size or shape, or the objects or landmarks that are secretly and awkwardly reflected in them.

About a year and a half ago, I took a lunch hour walk along Fort Point Channel in…

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