Mission Flats

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Good Sunday morning, and a very happy birthday to my dad, who’s still tearing around like a teenager and loving life. I hope to be exactly like him when I turn…well, let’s just say today’s birthday ends in a zero and leave it at that. 😉

This week’s read was Mission Flats, written by William Landlay, author of Defending Jacob. Benjamin Truman is the main character in this story, who’s the chief of police in Versailles, Maine (fictional small town). So I guess he’s the Maine character. Hardy har har. Anyway…when he discovers the dead body of a Boston district attorney in a rural lakeside cabin, things quickly go topsy turvy in Ben’s sheltered world. He’s forced to head south to Boston to play in the big leagues with some grizzled, hard-core city police. Who want answers NOW. What Ben doesn’t realize is that ghosts of past crimes and shady cops are all tied into this…

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