Getting’ Rickey with It! (A Drunken Crane twist on an old New England favorite)

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Gettin Rickey With It


Growing up in New England, years before the craft cocktail was the biggest rage, Grenadine was found in every household and restaurant. Unlike Rickey‘s from a lot of other area, in New England, if you had a Rickey it surely had Grenadine in it. Shirley Temples and Raspberry Lime Rickeys were every kids favorite thing to order when out to dinner to feel special too when their parents had their adult drinks. We all like to relive our childhood memories at times and now I wanted to enjoy a version of that uber sweet tangy drink – grown up style!

Gettin’ Rickey With It

2oz Hendrick’s Gin

Handfull of Muddled Fresh Red Raspberries

1/2 oz Lilet

1/2 oz Rose’s Lime and Grenadine

Shake, strain over a large rock, top off with soda

This will make a fantastic summer drink. I would like to try next with some…

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