A Foodie Experience Touched by God: Gourmet Dumpling House – Boston

Posted on January 14, 2013 by



Gourmet Dumpling House


My best friend and I are foodies. We love food on a whole different level. We’re so in sync that we don’t need to consult each other when ordering. I trust her implicitly, especially given my need to order 50 different things off the menu so that I have the full ‘experience’. I’m suffering for my readers. So when she suggested that we go to the Gourmet Dumpling House, while I was visiting her in Boston, I was 100% behind her decision. My resolve wavered when she said that we were only ordering two things off the menu.

“Are you sure”, I asked pointing to the extensive menu of sumptuous dumplings that I felt I could eat a dozen of by myself.

She was very stern with her two item limitation, stating that this would be more than enough for two people and that I didn’t need that much…

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