Atlantic Fish Company (Boston)

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I lived in Boston for a year and have tried both Legal Seafood & Atlantic Fish Co. – two of the big name seafood companies people usually rave about. After having experienced both, I’d recommend the latter for anyone who wants a greater variety of seafood options. Don’t get me wrong – Legal’s known for their lobsters, and to be honest, the lobsters in both places are almost similar. What sets the AFC apart from Legal is that AFC has more seafood options, most of which are veryyyy very delectable 🙂297500_10150357177753151_550650587_nI’ve had my share of crabcakes in Boston, and let me just say that AFC’s crab cake ranks up there as one of the better CC i’ve ever had! Huge chunks of REAL lobster meat stuffed in there – and when dipped with the tartar sauce, it just tastes heavenly! Coleslaw was very fresh too.

On the far RH…

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