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Standalone feature

DENNIS — 010713 — Northside Marina detailer Nate Severdija runs his fingers along the the side of the 45-foot pleasure boat, Dolce Vita, as he buffs out any imperfections in the gunwale, the upper side of the vessel. The boat owner told the marina that he wanted it “spotless.” It will take Severdija most of the winter season to complete the task. The marina stores about 400 boats in the winter. “On the cold days we work in the bays and on the nice days we work outside,” general manager Dan Schadt said. “Before you know it, it will be March 1st and we’ll be recommissioning boats.”

It’s never ceases to amaze me how quickly things can change when planning to fill a daily newspaper. This picture represents a little bit of that chaos to me even though in and of itself it is a quiet moment. The day that…

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