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Great to see yet another Blogger on the Cape.

We look forward to your blogs and sharing our community with you!

Photos and thoughts from my journey

Maybe I need more power?

Looks like I’m off to a slow start with my new blog, not too many visitors so far. On this blog that you’re reading I have topics like Hawk Eating a Squirrel, and Lettuce Lichen; always attractive posts. I guess I need to review my camera equipment on my new photography blog — that’ll get attention — people always need help in deciding on new equipment. Meanwhile I just published a post today about a blog and an article that I found inspiring and how I plan to use my inspiration. Please go and read it if you’re interested. My posts that are largely about photography will be posted there — all attempts to solve the mysteries of life will continue to be posted here — so if you like my photos …. please take a look at my latest post in my photography blo

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