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Oh boy do I have that condition. Writers have five stories half written, five stories in their heads, and five stories the editors are screaming about getting that last rewrite on.

But I guess that’s why we have periods or eras as writers. It seems to me that all these collective parts influence each other at least subliminally.

Sounds like you have the gift.

What If It All Means Something

I have a condition.

Many writers may know this condition quite well. It has been the cause of much frustration in my life, but it can also be a motivation. It’s not writer’s block, specifically, but it may be related.

What I suffer from is not finishing projects that I start. Only about one tenth or less of the novels and stories that I start writing do I actually finish. I don’t understand why I am this way and it frustrates the heck out of me because I look through my computer and I see all of these unfinished novels and only a handful of finished ones.

What sucks the most is that I get so excited for a new novel I want to write, but by the time I get half-way through I usually come up with a new idea that I want to write on. By this time…

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