Food Porn Friday | Buttermilk Fried Chicken | Estelle’s

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Love the friday night foodie blogs!

Love your blog.

Just Add Cheese!

I know, this doesn’t even look real. It looks like something a food stylist was paid to create for an Applebees commercial or something. Because you know the chicken in the commercials is definitely way better looking than any actual Applebees chicken dish.


Thanks to Brian Poe and Eric Gburski, THIS chicken actually does exist IRL. Estelle’s offers many Southern fried noms on their menu, but this was by far my favorite of the night: buttermilk fried chicken with bacon mac ‘n cheese. It’s everything a fried chicken should be: tender, juicy and crunchy. FYI this is only an appetizer potion of the chicken, so this is only about half of what you’ll get if you order the full thing. And don’t worry about the cals, we still have six more weeks of oversized sweaters before it’s time to actually care about eating healthy. Right??

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