Thirty bucks, four courses, one fantastic meal

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John Harvard’s Brew House, at 33 Dunster Street, has been a mainstay in the square for years upon years. Long before we moved into the city, we would drive from the North Shore, get lost navigating Harvard Square to find a parking spot, and eventually would make our way to one of two underground places for a pint and some food: Grendel’s Den or John Harvard’s.

Each has their charm, and sometimes which one we chose depended more on where we could get an open seat at the bar.

Recently, JHBH underwent a fairly major (and much needed) renovation. While the place has always been much beloved by locals, tourists, Harvard students and parents and professors, over the years the restaurant and bar started to show a good bit of wear and tear….chairs were rickety, bar always seemed a bit sticky, carpets were worn and grungy.

All that has…

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