Boston Eats: Baan Thai @ Waltham

Posted on January 21, 2013 by



Baan Thai seems to be the to-go Thai restaurant among my undergrad students. They tell me about it in tutorials all the time, which was the push for us to go try it out. It is off to the further end of Main Street for us, and was in the weird too-far-to-walk but too-close-to-drive distance. Anyway, we decided to walk, so that we would be hungrier when we get there (yeah, our brains are strange.)

The restaurant was small and cosy, and we were greeted by a server almost immediately. The decor reminded us vaguely of Thailand (yup, we’ve both been there before) and was simple enough not to steal attention away from the food. As some might know by now, we don’t care about ambiance. If the food is good, it is good. If not, the ambiance wouldn’t save the meal anyway.

The food is decent, but there are better places close…

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