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You aren’t New England without Candlepin Bowling!

Sitka or Bust: Commute The World

“Play the wood!”

Yes. You read that correctly. That phrase marks my every Tuesday evening. Now, normally I would find an older gentleman screaming at me anything that includes the word “wood” to be inappropriate and very off-putting. But I now find the humor in it.  I’m on a candlepin bowling league and happen to be the youngest player with the majority cruising beyond mid-life crises at a stiff pace. Sure, there’s three of us “young folk” but the other two are dating each other so I’m pretty much the lone wolf of the pack.

I joined the league late. I think it was only a few weeks, but everyone already knew each other really well and here I come, all excited about bowling without bumpers. After the first night I realized that most of my league showed up slightly buzzed to play ball. I was clearly at a disadvantage…

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