Oracle’s Pick: Poets & Writers’ Boston City Guide | The Boston Book Blog

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The Boston Book Blog is one of the best book blogs around much less in Boston and New England. Anyone who loves the written word, both as a spectator and as a participant will find this is a must read blog.

Great layout with a stress on clean presentation of information. I have found them increasingly hard to avoid clicking on to read and I am slowly becoming a fan.

Of course I have to give a mention to the writer and creative mind behind the blog. Here’s a quote from her Bio page.

Jessica A. Kent has loved Boston since she was nine and found $20 on the floor at the Union Oyster House.  She glad to be a permanent resident (for the third time!) and glad to contribute to the greater Boston literary culture.  Jessica is a novelist first and foremost, but is also a short story writer, blogger, MFA student, and book reviewer.  She’s also been an editor-in-chief, a publications coordinator, started a theology magazine, and was a bookseller for ten years.  Find more of her writing at

Thanks to Jessica for raising the bar of quality for all of us!

Poets & Writers’ Boston City Guide | The Boston Book Blog.

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