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That Best Bite

The other night my mom and I decided to have a much-needed girls’ night and, having heard good things about The Salty Pig near Back Bay Station, we decided to give it a go. Although it is technically one of what I think is way too many pig-parts-are-now-cool charcuterie and booze places, with a very generic pig-parts-are-now-cool charcuterie and booze place name (in Hong Kong, I went to an almost identical one called “The Salted Pig”), I enjoyed the vibe at TSP and thought it unique among the others, at least those here in Boston.

4The dining room is informal and laid back, yet glossy and chic, with neat high-top chairs and comfy booths from which to watch the action across the bar – pizza dough being flipped and shoved into the oven (gas-fired, but whatever…), cured meats, chili peppers and garlic cloves swinging from the kitchen ceiling, a bartender…

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