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Robbie Williams - take The Crown

I’ll bet some of you American readers had no idea Robbie Williams even had a new album out. Since November! Because sadly the US record companies neglect to put out his albums here in the states. Such a shame. In fact, if I recall the last of his albums to be released here was 2000’s Sing When You’re Winning. That was “Rock DJ”. That was many moons (and albums) ago.
Take the Crown is Robbie’s first album since after his stellar career retrospective In and Out of Consciousness in 2010. It’s his first collaboration with producer Jacknife Lee, and the team-up proves to bring some fresh ideas to Robbie’s sound.
We start out with “Be A Boy”, a big ambitious middle finger to everyone that ever wished his career and fame to be over. The melody soars and is instantly catchy as he muses “They said it was leaving…

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