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A good friend came over to dinner last night, and shared Jorgensen’s art with me. He was excited about an artist he really enjoys and admires.

It’s good work.

Influences of impressionism on his work can be seen in this work,  my favorite piece on his site, just to the right. This one is listed at only 250.00. Great art needs to be supported, and I think this artist has a future.

For anyone with a little extra cash who wants the real deal when it comes to up and coming artists, this page and his work deserve your consideration.

Impressionism is far from the only work he does and I urge you to visit his site.

He’s also posted a great video on youtube that shows his creative process painting in time lapsed Video, seen below.

Put John Jorgenson on the list of up and coming artists on the northern shores of the Harbo. rAs we all know, the early years are the important ones for collectors.


The Boston Harbor Picayune invites you to visit the site and make your own conclusions and share them with us.

I don’t believe this artist will not be selling his work at these prices for long, so this is a great time for someone to buy a high quality work of art at a great price. How many original works have you got in your home? Maybe it’s time to get just one more.

Love this work!

I will be watching for a featured showing to attend and report back on.

Check him out at@

Looking for fun this weekend, my friends. If anyone has a line on a free art opening or a great band with no cover, send me the link via twitter. You can find my twitter feed to the right  below the list of goods.

I will look it over and pass it on to the readers!