Rising NYC Artist: Justin Sears – Master of Monochromatic Process

Posted on February 16, 2013 by


Great artist here. His works remind me of a modernization of many of the Renaissance Masters’ Monochrome studies.

Now I am aware that this is a rather lofty claim sure to roll a few eyes, but the work speaks for itself. Incredible portraiture. What seems so “modern Michelangelo ” to me is his use of wood as a medium rather than traditional canvas. His work is reminiscent of those sketches on the walls we are still finding in places.

Go take a look.  His talent will impress art lovers of every variety. He has that unmistakable “it” factor that anyone who’s been in the art scene recognizes immediately. Unique, relevant, current, and classic.

He’s worth the trip from Boston to New York.



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