The Oracles Pick: The Unemployment Diary

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It’s not very often that I read a blog and really just feel struck by the honesty and authenticity of the writer. This great blog earns high marks, and I am known for my choosiness. It’s not flashy in any way.

It is real and it is human.

It’s everything that writers want… it captures the personality of the speaker with ease, and uses the language to simply convey what he wants us to understand.

This is one of His recent blog posts. After reading, don’t forget to go to his site and bookmark him to get his daily updates.

From His Blog:

As I write this, my shoulders are killing me. My sweet little cupcake decided that she would double the weight of my carry-on bag for my return trip. As usual, she obtained too many things to bring home on her own. My bag was stuffed full of women’s clothing before I left for the airport. The walk to the metro… I mean the “T” was slow due to the sudden inflation of my luggage. I was lucky to be able justify it as carry-on.

While passing through airport security… sorry, that’s a joke. I’ll try that again. While passing through the TSA checkpoint I was asked to remove the toiletries from my bag. I had forgotten the little baggie of potential liquid explosives and went to remove it from the outer section of my bag. I unzipped the pouch and pulled out… a pair of Steve Madden heels. My cupcake had stuffed in another pair of shoes while I left it unattended. I never thought the questions “Have you left your bag unattended?” and “Did you pack your bags yourself?” were going to ever be relevant. I was thankful that the TSA guy didn’t seem impressed. That last thing I needed was a questioning by armed guards.

When I got home I finally saw ‘Avatar’. The film was longer than my extended workout sequence. I like that movie more than I should for quite a few reasons. Chief among them is that I always root for the aliens in any movie in which extraterrestrials declare intergalactic war on humanity for the purposes of genocide and stripping the planet of natural resources. Seeing these roles reversed is a guilty pleasure that I wholeheartedly indulged. The special effects? Meh. The storyline? Meh, been done before. Showing humans as a group of greedy assholes akin to a species of cancer? Hell yes.

It was dark by the time I looked out my massive window again. It’s going to be a long couple of weeks until my cupcake comes back. See you tomorrow.

Unemployment Diary, Day #26.