Video: Harn SOLO ft. Suave – Today | nhwww

Posted on February 16, 2013 by


New Orleans and it’s music scene have always been a magnet to me.

Although the lower garden district will always hold my heart as an artist for that city, I also have pent nights and days on Frenchmen. Cafe Brazil and The Praline connection. That’s the corner that you go for what’s happening, since Bourbon Street got taken over by t shirt stores. This reminds me of Frenchmen street.

I have traveled around this land, and that is one of the most exciting streets in the country. I have the hangovers and tatoos to show for it.

I wonder if electric ladyland is still in business. Perhaps a trip to New Orleans with The staff is in order for Jazzfest!

Video: Harn SOLO ft. Suave – Today | nhwww.