Oracle’s Recommendations : Opportunity Knocks for Bloggers and Writers

Posted on February 23, 2013 by


I wanted to let you guys know about a really great program that a site is offering.

This is not a paid endorsement in any way, I just want to pass on a professional opportunity with as  full throat-ed an endorsement of this program for bloggers as possible.

This is a good solid company, Cape Cod Local Grown, and they have made a name for themselves on the internet as one of the regions most reliable resources for the lowest prices of K cup coffee supplies. It’s a great operation and I have literally never heard a complaint about them. I can vouch for the authenticity of this company, it’s products and it’s new program for small bloggers to participate in. They are not going to run away and not pay you, and you will get the benefits of the program for your blog.

I cannot give more strong advice as a professional writer. This is just one of those great opportunities.

I do understand the reticence that people feel when talking about monetizing their page. But Coffee and Blogging are partners in crime. They are part and parcel of the same environment, and there is no shame in trying to both pay for your site and even earn part time income, while improving your resume.

One of the hardest things for bloggers to know is when its time to monetize and to what degree.

By monetize I mean, by choosing a corporate partnership program that most suits your blog. Most blogs generally pick one of the least obtrusive programs that offers a bit more than the half a penny for every thousand clicks. Those are impersonal and usually designed to never pay out.

Choosing an effective corporate program can help pay for your annual costs and upgrades, not to mention a little pocket change That’s only half of the equation to become an established freelance blogger. Having a platform so others can hear what you have provides writers an invaluable opportunity to build resumes. breaking that barrier means getting your writing out there beyond the scope of your personal circle.


Click here to read the full plan, Partner Program.

The plan offers percentages of sales generated from a single ad you place on your site, and although the income generator is a nice perk, what is most valuable to bloggers is that they offer you the opportunity to write for several of their outlets, one a blog, as well as an online magazine which is designed to be mobile and pad friendly. Having multiple presences as an author on sites can seem to be an almost insurmountable obstacle, yet one  that most bloggers need to break through to one day become respected enough to earn a paycheck as a writer.

Nothing beats the authenticity of your work, and I am ever impressed and inspired by your works.

I cant recommend this program highly enough to everyone, especially the local bloggers in the City, The Cape bloggers, and Food and Restaurant reviewers.