Unsettled overnight and parts of Sunday – Weather Wisdom – Boston.com

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Great article from weather wisdom at Boston.com:

The bottom line is that the big storm isn’t going to happen. What we will have is a period of rain and snow that could accumulate up to a few inches, especially across the Worcester hills between tonight and Sunday night. The reason for the change is that the storm just won’t get its act together until it is too far east. Now, before you start blasting off all sorts of comments in the comments section, I will say I never had Boston getting more than 4 inches of snow. The biggest change to the forecast is across central Massachusetts where Thursday I felt like at least 6” of wet snow was a good possibility. With the storm not forming as expected, those areas will be hard pressed to see 2-4″ of wet snow. The general idea is a one to four inch snowfall across the area over about 24 hours,a nuisance storm. I’ll be updating the forecast all weekend on Twitter at @growingwisdom please send me your reports there.

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