Poetry Pairings: Paper Cranes and a Song – A Commemoration for Japan

Posted on March 12, 2013 by


andrea blancas beltran

Cranes on the Square

On my last day in Boston, I took a walk to the Boston Public Library and saw a sprinkling of color across the street. I wandered across to see the art in action and was approached by a girl named Sophia who asked if I’d like to learn to make a paper crane. She asked my to select my color of paper and explained the reason for the art project: to commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that stuck Japan on March 11th, 2011. After today, the cranes made in Copley Square will be delivered to the victims of this devastating event.

Cranes on the Square

Together with visual artists and writers, Broadsided Press created five beautiful broadsides for the 1st Anniversary. One of the collaborations features the poem “Meditation for after an earthquake” by Lisa L. Moore, and these lines are particularly resonate considering the project in Copley Square:

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