Walk for Hunger 2013! | Kyla Danica

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I couldn’t let Kyla Danica’s call call to action pass me by. The cause of hunger prevention is important to having an educated and employed Harbor Community and healthy future.

We all need to pull together, and I admire anyone that is going on the walk. I hope that if you can’t walk for the cause you can find it in your heart to donate to Kyla’s walk for Hunger… Follow the link below to donate money or find out more about her efforts!

From the Site:


This year on May 5th, I will be participating in Project Bread’s 2013 Walk for Hunger. This will be the second time I have taken part in the walk. It will be 20 miles of fund-raising efforts to help out hungry families struggling to put food on the table. I would like to ask for your help today in sponsoring me for the walk, any donation will be highly appreciated! $25 provides a bowl of hot soup and a sandwich for 50 people at an emergency food program, so even just 5 dollars will help make a difference! I hope that you will support me in my efforts to raise money to help end hunger in Massachusetts!

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