Susan Licht of Licht Years STILL has the Edge

Posted on April 11, 2013 by


Susan Licht, or Soonie2 to the WordPress community runs one of the best photo blogs in the english speaking world.

Only people who haven’t seen her work would argue. I’ve been all around this world and the USA, and the technical eye, the creative edge, and the ability to inspire emotions with an image are traits a photographer usually has one or two of, but hardly ever three.

The incredible talent she brandishes with a gentle touch bring the viewer into her world. If all of us saw the world as she does, it would be a far better place.

Do yourself a favor, go visit her site “Licht Years” by clicking here, and make sure you follow her. She is a cry of beauty in a dark world.

Her crisp dense images draw your eye in and hold you captive.

You will NOT be disapointed! Interested? Google her. Yep, she’s so good even google knows who she is.

Her WordPress blog can be found at