Chef Inspired Burger Stuffed With Blue Cheese

Posted on April 13, 2013 by


Back Road Journal

The whole world loves burgers and fries but what about when you want to take the idea and turn it into a delicious evening meal. Gordon Hamersley did that in his cookbook Bistro Cooking At Home with his recipe for Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger with a Port and Green Peppercorn Sauce. 

Living an hour’s drive north of Boston, I have had the opportunity to have dinner several times at Hamersley’s Bistro, one of the top rated restaurants in Boston. This famous South End bistro has been serving homey French inspired food using local New England ingredients  since the late eighties. You can see chef Hamersley wearing his signature Red Sox baseball cap in his open kitchen overseeing each dinner that is prepared.  His signature dish is his roasted chicken but my husband and I have never had it. It is not because we wouldn’t love to try the chicken…

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