Nico Ristorante – North End Mom’s Day Charm

Posted on April 14, 2013 by


There’s one place on Boston Harbor that all Moms want to go to… The North End of Boston. In our Little Italy, you find a host of characters running a muck in old world charm. Narrow streets force you to park and walk to a restaurant, which is half the joy of experiencing this old section of Boston.

On Hanover Street you will find the church that held the lamp signals for the Brittish Invasion. Steeped in tradition but unafraid of the future, you can find one of the Boston’s Best Eateries, Nico’s Ristorante!

Nico’s is not just a restaurant, it’s a social event. On many must do lists as a prime atraction, it’s up there with Mikes for Cannolli and Espresso in the ranks of North End dining institutions.

The prices are not exagerated, but you pay for the quality you get. They have a lounge and a wine bar, with a full menu in all parts of the establishment

Nico’s is currently taking reservations for Mother’s day, and if you haven’t decided on what to do to make sure your mom feels special, I assure you, no one does Mother’s Day like our North End Italian community.

This is not a paid endorsement. We never do that here. This is just a little bit of good advice.

To make reservations for Mother’s Day at Nico Ristorante and to view their menus visit their home site at